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Immersive Technologies - Future in Your Hands Today!
     We live now in digital era. Everything is available online, shopping, communication, data storage and processing. So how do you cut through the noise? How do you stand out from the crowd and reach potential clients, engage them – and keep engaged longer than competitors – with your vision, excite them about your products and services and make them come back to your content again?

The answer is Immersive Technologies.

Augmented Reality

By combining virtual world with digital one you create Augmented Reality. 3D digital objects are “attached” to the items in real world and visible either through designated glasses or by holding your mobile device and pointing it at specific marker or feature.
In video above you can see example of flat 2D plan for house development raising to 3D by simply pointing mobile to the plan. You can then see clearly whole design from every angle.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality completely replaces your world with virtual one. It is the most immersive of all three and most challenging for content creation and experience. You could compare it to create complete game like experience as it needs interesting content to keep viewer engaged. You can create virtual tours through your design in 1:1 scale, carry out design reviews and present your idea before any real work even starts.
By using mobile phones and portable glasses you can always have full scale digital model literally in your pocket.

Additional Benefits

With more and more powerful portable devices you can have your complete model - including BIM and parts model - everywhere you go, synchronised with cloud and available instantly whenever you need it.
Below are some other projects that we also worked on:
Oculus Rift Walkthroughs
HoloLens Design Reviews

    So how can we now utilise those Immersive Technologies to give us edge in our digital world?
You can create your own 3D business portfolio to carry in your mobile, using your business card as launch marker, so when you give them to potential business partners they can download app themselves and using your own card spread your ideas further – that’s free marketing!
   You can even give 3D glasses away to go with your card so they can have real scale walkthrough in their own time.

And the best part? When you get company to create your digital 2D plans, your 3D BIM (Building Information Modelling), your concept – it is just step away from Virtual and Augmented Reality!

Immerse your clients
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